Shipping Policy

Novium of FL/ GCC Endeavors LLCs will arrange for shipment of your product to you. You are responsible for all shipping and handling charges, as set forth in this Shipping & Returns Policy. Please allow 3 – 7 business days for delivery. Shipping and delivery dates are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Novium of FL/GCC Endeavors LLC, is not responsible for any delay in shipments.

Tyler Averdick

chairmen | ceo

Founder of Novium and investor in multiple cannabis companies and start-ups, Mr. Averdick has cultivated many strategic relationships throughout the cannabis industry. Averdick has his sights set squarely on professionalization of the sector and helping to usher in cannabis 2.0. Currently CEO of a mid-size Multi-National Insurance company, Averdick brings a multitude of resources to the operation including in-depth experience working with government regulators, developing new product lines and conducting nationwide roll outs as well as managing a national sales force of 100+ representatives. Under his management, the 37-year-old company has enjoyed 4 straight record years with both sales and net profits up over 400%.